Premium elixir anti-aging absolute sumptuous oil - Lierac

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    Lierac Premium elixir anti-aging absolute sumptuous oil 30ml
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Lierac - Premium elixir anti-aging absolute sumptuous oil 30ml

Lierac - Premium élixir huile somptueuse anti-âge absolu



To fill all the requirements of the Premium line, the Lierac laboratories launched the latest innovation:

Premium elixir anti-aging absolute sumptuous oil  ultra fine and silky to balance the most devitalized skins.

An absolute anti-aging care, which stimulates the sirtuin-6 skin's youth essencial protein to repair in depth the damaged cells and regulate the production of melanin to a progressive anti-stains action.

The deepest wrinkles are smoothed and the stains are attenuated!

Its oily extract of rare black flowers, enriched in restructuring precious oils, reconstitute the skin barrier surface to permit the skin to recover substance and comfort.

Powered by an unique and unprecedented microemulsion technology, lets you associate high nutrition, an antiaging action and a velvety finish.

Adorned with a sophisticated floral fragrance, subtle and refined notes, involves the skin with a luxurious and comforting aroma of black orchid, black baccara rose and black poppy.

Corrects all aging signs and allows an absolute skin repair.

It operates in pigmentation spots and nourishes intensely.


  • Repairing Cellular Complex 3%
  • Rare Black Flowers oil-Active 10%: Orchid Black, Rose Black Baccara and Black Poppy.
  • Precious Oil Complex at 20%: Argan oil, sesame oil and sweet almond oil.

How to use



Apply 3 drops of the product by morning to reveal the brightness of the skin.

Place the drops directly on the skin or mix with the usual cream or even with the make-up base.

At night, apply with a massage to recover ultra dry skin.

Heat the oil in the palm of the hand for greater efficiency and comfort.

LIERAC - Premium

The Lierac Laboratories developed the Premium line, specifically for lovers of rare ingredients of the highest technology, pleasantness and cosmetics sensuality, maximum performance and luxurious comfort.

It is a sumptuous line that gives an absolute anti-aging treatment, responding to skins that seek to fill, redensificar, regenerate, protect and nourish, acquiring a radiant and youthful appearance.


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