Sunific premium global anti-aging sunscreen - Lierac

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    Lierac Sunific premium global anti-aging sunscreen spf30 50ml
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Lierac - Sunific premium global anti-aging sunscreen spf30 50ml

Lierac - Sunific premium crème voluptueuse ultra large spectre anti-âge global



Sunific premium global anti-aging sunscreen is the first ultra-wide spectrum sun protection care that prevents and corrects all the signs of photoaging.

With the patented Lierac filter system, ensures more complete anti-aging sun protection.

Excellent daily use care with a sensory and pleasant aroma, with luminous and radiant finish!

This ultra-wide spectrum protection system is associated with the ingredients that allow you to prevent, correct and repair all signs of photoaging for an anti-aging global action - wrinkles, brown spots, loss of firmness and dehydration - activating and sublimating the tan:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Plant Flavonoids
  • Fractional Melanin
  • Frangipani flowers blossom
  • Argan oil
  • Shea butter
  • Sunflower oil
  • Plumeria White extract
  • Extracts of Urucum (Bixa Orellana)

Lierac Premium Sunific confers a high SPF30 protection, against UVB, UVA rays, and also against infra-red and visible light.

How to use





Apply on the face and décolleté before sun exposure.

Renew the application whenever necessary, in particular, after swimming, sweating or dry with towel.

LIERAC - Suncare

Because we all want a beautiful tan and a sublime skin ...

Formulated with a patented anti-UVA and UVB system , Lierac's suncare, ensure an exemplary skin protection with anti-aging technology, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and skin relaxation.

This antiaging action comes from a combination of natural extracts:

- Noni's extract: elastin stimulator;

- “Erva-toira-maior” Extract: provides protection of the melanocytes;

- Frangipani Flower Extract: anti-radical action.

The solar care line from Lierac perfectly combine high efficiency with the pleasure of melting textures, non greasy, that leave no white residues, with a subtle and pleasant summer scent.