Sunific self-tanner iridescent tinted cream-gel body - Lierac

Lierac - Sunific self-tanner iridescent tinted cream-gel body 125ml

Lierac - Sunific gel crème teinté irisé



Sunific self-tanner iridescent tinted cream-gel body is a self-tanner care from LIERAC.

Lightly tinted, this pearly cream-gel with color ensures an instant bonne mine effect and a controlled application to a natural and uniform result.

A beautiful, natural and long lasting effect!

Get the perfect gold tone, without the harm and agression caused by sun exposure.

Tip for a more beautiful and long-lasting tan:
Before applying a self-Tanner, make an exfoliation session to the area where you'll apply the tanner.

How to use





Apply preferably at night in small amount on the skin to Tan.

Massage well without forgetting to insist fluted areas and entrances (as on the scalp, ears, etc).

Let dry and wash your hands thoroughly after application.

Repeat 1 x/day until the desired tone.

Then, as maintenance, apply 2 x/week.

LIERAC - Self Tanning

With a very pleasant texture and aroma, it guarantees a superb look in any time of the year, without a single ray of sunshine.
With a fresh floral scent with sweet notes of vanilla and coconut.

Obtain a golden and resplendent tan thanks to its innovative formulation:

  • 5% of DHA for a faster and more natural tan.
  • Anti-aging and tan sublimator complex:
    - Tan activator peptide
    - Frangipani flowers
    - AHA from fruits (papaya, Orange and pineapple)
  • Moisturizing and tanning complex:
    - Annatto oil
    - Apricot oil
    - Glycerin


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Hello tan skin!
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