Sunific 2 iridescent milk mist anti-aging body suncare spf15 - Lierac

Lierac - Sunific 2 iridescent milk mist anti-aging body suncare spf15 150ml

Lierac - Sunific 2 brume lactée irisée



Sunific 2 Iridescent Milk Mist Spf15 is a spray that offers a fondant and iridescent fresh milk mist formulated to activate in total security a safe tanning, generously reinforcing the skin moisturizing.

Total security for a beautiful and perfect tan!

A moisturizing care of spf15 medium protection for already tanned skins.

Its pleasant texture and perfume, arouse a refreshing feeling with anti-aging protection and tan activating.


How to use





Apply on the face/body, before sun exposure.

Renew the application whenever necessary, in particular, after swimming, sweating or dry with towel.

Without leaving white residue.

LIERAC - Suncare

Because we all want a beautiful tan and a sublime skin ...

Formulated with a patented anti-UVA and UVB system , Lierac's suncare, ensure an exemplary skin protection with anti-aging technology, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and skin relaxation.

This antiaging action comes from a combination of natural extracts:

- Noni's extract: elastin stimulator;

- “Erva-toira-maior” Extract: provides protection of the melanocytes;

- Frangipani Flower Extract: anti-radical action.

The solar care line from Lierac perfectly combine high efficiency with the pleasure of melting textures, non greasy, that leave no white residues, with a subtle and pleasant summer scent.