Lift integral serum superactivated firmness booster - Lierac

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Lierac - Lift integral serum superactivated firmness booster 30ml

Lierac - Lift integral serum lift suractivé booster fermeté



Firmed skin and filled volumes, thanks to the inspiration in the techniques of lifting and injection!

The Lift integral serum superactivated firmness booster is an innovative product that allows you to benefit from the power of the best plant extracts, that are able to restore the firmness and elasticity of your skin.

Instantly firmed skin, with long-term enhanced synthesis of collagen and skinfilling proteins

This serum is 2x more concentrated in the tensile active of the Lift Integral range than the remodeling cream, thus being the product of choice if you look for a more intensive treatment.

In addition, its active formula allows to distend the skin immediately; providing an instant lifting effect!

Its formula contains:

  • Mahogany extract, patented active ingredient rich in polyphenols; which promotes a lifting effect by reactivating the synthesis of collagen XVIII;
  • Hyalu-3 Concentrate, an exclusive Lierac active ingredient that assists in the lifting effect of this product;
  • Purple tulip extract, which is equally patented and concentrated in flavonoids, providing an "injection" effect by stimulating the synthesis of 30 fundamental extracellular matrix proteins.

How to Use






Apply on face morning and evening, avoiding the eye contour.


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Sweet december (2017): beauty news!
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