Black diamond ionto-lift lips contour deep wrinkles - Martiderm

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Martiderm - Black diamond ionto-lift lips contour deep wrinkles 4 patches

Martiderm - Black diamond ionto-lift lip contour



The Black diamond ionto-lift lips contour deep wrinkles is a transepidermal patch that provides an occlusive effect and also features iontophoresis technology.

Goodbye to the "barcode" in just 15 days!

This non-invasive technique reduces effectively the appearance of wrinkles since it enables the penetration of a gel containing hyaluronic acid through this outer skin layer, unlike most cosmetics which only allow the ingredient's deposition on the surface.

At the end of treatment:

  • Skin becomes filled, with improvement of skin structure;
  • Moisturizing effect, by increasing water retention;
  • Higher elasticity, thanks to the reorganization of the extracellular matrix.

How to Use






Apply for 15 days twice a week.

Repeat the application monthly.

  1. Cleanse and pat dry the lip contour;
  2. Remove the patch from the packaging;
  3. Apply the gel to the gray area of ​​the patch;
  4. Remove the protective layer;
  5. Place the adhesive on clean and dry skin around the lip area;
  6. Leave on for 20min. You may feel a slight tingling during product's use;
  7. Remove gently and wipe off excess product with a cotton pad.


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