Dsp-cream renovación depigment tratment - Martiderm

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Martiderm - Dsp-cream renovación depigment tratment 40ml

Martiderm - Dsp-crema renovación



Dsp-cream restoration depigment tratement. 

Lightweight and fast absorbing texture, this selective depigmentation care, only acts where there are stains, unifying skin tone.

Fformulated with natural active ingredients that are well-tolerated by the skin. 

Prevents and reduces the spots - Unifies skin tone - Cell Renewal - Lightens the skin

Reduces and prevents any type of stains (solar, age) and other hyperpigmentation.

Contains AHA of natural origin which enhances its activity and promotes cell renewal and can be used as a formulation base.


How to use





Apply at night on face, neck and neckline.



Intensive care depigmentation

last update: Friday, 30 October 2015

Intensive care depigmentation
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