Double lash eyelashes and eyebrows fortifier - Mavala

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Mavala - Double lash eyelashes and eyebrows fortifier 10ml

Mavala - Double cils


Tired of eyelashes that simply don't grow? And rare eyebrows that give an unhealthy look?

The brand-new Mavala Double-Cils is clinically proven to target weak and short eyelashes with a blend of unique and effective ingredients.

Its formula combines a set of active ingredients with a unique and effective action:

  • Vitality enhancing nail secretion
  • Proteins
  • Elastin
  • Allantoin

All work to gradually leave lashes fuller and stronger by strengthening and protecting each individual hair, resulting in fuller, longer and healthier lashes.


How to use






Remove all make-up from the eyelashes and brush on Double Lash every night. Allow to take effect overnight.


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