First collection color varnishes nail polish - Mavala

Mavala - Verniz new dehli no92 5ml

Mavala - Verniz new dehli no92

Mavala - Nail color marron glace no151 5ml

Mavala - Nail color cream marron glace no151

Mavala - Nail color preto no48 5ml

Mavala - Nail color cream preto no48

Mavala - Nail color glacés glacier no323 5ml

Mavala - Nail color cream glacés glacier no323

Mavala - Nail color glacés iceberg no324 5ml

Mavala - Nail color cream glacés iceberg no324

Mavala - Nail color freshy no261 5ml

Mavala - Nail color cream freshy no261

Mavala - Nail color juicy no264 5ml

Mavala - Nail color cream juicy no264

Mavala - Nail color vertigo red no173 5ml

Mavala - Nail color vertigo red no173

Mavala - Nail color geneve no22 5ml

Mavala - Verniz geneve no22

Mavala - Nail color las vegas no33 5ml

Mavala - Verniz las vegas no33

Mavala - Nail color arosa no90 5ml

Mavala - Verniz arosa no90

Mavala - Nail color wichita no97 5ml

Mavala - Verniz wichita no97

Mavala - Nail color white no49 5ml

Mavala - Verniz white no49

Mavala - Nail color makore no307 5ml

Mavala - Verniz makore no307

Mavala - Nail color fruity nº260 5ml

Mavala - Verniz fruity no260

Mavala - Nail color onyx no245 5ml

Mavala - Verniz onyx no245

Mavala - Nail color rose shell nº162 5ml

Mavala - Verniz rose shell nº162 5ml

Mavala - Nail color natural nº44 5ml

Mavala - Verniz natural nº44 5ml

Mavala - Nail color sorbet nº325 5ml

Mavala - Verniz natural sorbet nº325 5ml



The varnishes Mavala are recognized around the world for a tiny little bottles full of color and vividness.

The truth is that the iconic Mini Varnishes Mavala has the ideal amount of varnish (5 ml), to be used without dry before it reaches the end.

The formula of Mavala nail varnishes, consists of carefully selected ingredients. Are mainly formulated by a mixing of different resins, solvents and coloured pigments, wisely adapted to allow an easy application and a perfect grip.

Mavala's unique formula delivers microscopic air pockets to allow nails to breath, ensuring your natural nails are cared for. 

The pallet of colors Mavala, allows the choice of colors for all tastes and styles... Are available with creamy, pearly, metallic or glitter finishes.


Mavala varnishes do not contain:

  • toluene
  • formaldehyde
  • phthalates (DBP)
  • parabens
  • camphor
  • animal ingredients
  • heavy metals
  • nickel.

How to use






  1. Protect the nail plate with a base coat, Mavala 002 or Ridge Filler, and allow it to set before applying polish.
  2. Test consistency of polish on nail tip before beginning.
  3. Use long, even strokes when applying nail polish - avoid dabbing as the second coat will cover any missed areas.
  4. Apply a second coat to perfect manicure and intensify the color.
  5. Apply a top coat - Mavala Gel Finish Top Coat or Colorfix.  


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