Nail buffer kit stimulates nail healthy growth - Mavala

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Mavala - Nail buffer kit 2units

Mavala - Polissoirs



Mavala has developed a beauty kit for nails: Nail Buffer Kit.  

The use of this Kit is a basic care for a perfect manicure.

Buffing not only provides an attractive lustre but also stimulates blood circulation at the base of the nail which encourages healthy growth.

The Nail Buffer Kit contains two pads:

  • the grey pad has a slightly abrasive surface to even out ridges and other irregularities
  • the pink pad is for polishing.

The application of varnish it is easier, the grip is increased, the duration is extended and the brightness is more intense.

A nail becomes healthy, resistant, shiny and without irregularities. 

How to use






To be used on bare and dry nails: To even out irregularities, gently draw the grey buffer across the nail - in one direction only - avoiding the nail tips (once a month is sufficient), without heating the nail. Shine the nail with the pink polisher, using long, energetic, back and forth movements.



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