Nail shield reinforces and protects fragile nails - Mavala

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Mavala - Nail shield reinforces and protects fragile nails 10ml

Mavala - Bouclier de l┬┤ongle friable



Thin, weak, and fragile nails?

The nail plate is composed of three layers. It is naturally the visible, outer layer that is particularly sensitive to outside elements and can very easily be damaged by too much sun, cold weather or detergents.

Weak and soft nails are a common complaint and many women have given up all hope of ever being able to grow longn, and beautiful nails. 

Mavala Laboratories has developed Nail Shiels, a 2-phase product that will help nails resist breakage and give them the extra care and protection they need to grow long. 

The unique formula of Nail Shield has been developed to give nails resistance, protecting them from daily tasks and other damaging elements. 

Nail Shiel is a 2-phase treatment:

  • Phase I: the tiny nylon fibres form a protective network over the nail surface to give extra support as the nail grows.
  • Phase II: a special sealing agent that smooth the nail surface. 

The nail can then correctly regenerate and strengthen itself, its growth being protected from breaking, flaking and impac

How to use






Phase I: While doing your manicure, apply a thin coat of Nail Shield over the entire nail surface and allow to dry to the touch. Phase II: Apply a coat of Sealer and let it dry completely. If the surface remains rough use another coat. Once the nail is smooth continue your manicure.


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