Nail white crayon for classic french manicure - Mavala

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    Mavala Nail white crayon for classic french manicure 1unit
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Mavala - Nail white crayon for classic french manicure 1unit

Mavala - Crayon blanc pour ongles



Beautiful nails even without varnish is possible and very easy!

The Mavala presents: Crayon Blanc pour Ongles, a fantastic manicure accessory.

This white pencil allows you to clear the tip of the nail, giving a natural French manicure finishing!

Unlike the traditional French manicure that involves painting the tip of the nail with a white lacquer, this pencil paint the tip of your fingernail underneath giving a very natural effect.

To help, this pencil back a cleaning tip that allows you to remove the dirt that accumulates underneath the nail.

Later you just need to apply the pencil under the nail, leaving a white film on the edge of the nail, for a flawless and natural result.

Can be reapplied as many times as needed.

The French manicure is not dependent anymore on your skill!

How to use






With the aid of the cleaning tip, remove the dirt which accumulates underneath the nail. Afterwards moisten the tip of the pencil, and apply under the contour of the nail. For a beautiful result, apply a clear varnish or a pastel color.


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