Nailactan nutritive cream for brittle and damaged nails - Mavala

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Mavala - Nailactan nutritive cream for bittle and damaged nails 15ml

Mavala - Nailactan creme nourrissante pour ongles abîmés et friables



Dry, bittle and damaged nails?

Nailactan is the Mavala nail nourishing cream!

Nailactan is composed of essential amino acids, lipids and kerato-balancing vitamins. Its nourishing and moisturising action restores elasticity to the nail plate, improves its general condition and makes nails more resistant to splitting.

Gives more resistance to nails because:

  • Nourishes the nail,
  • Prevents dehydration,
  • Increases cornea elasticity.

How to use






Use as a 4 to 6 weeks cure. Every night massage nail and nail root with Nailactan. Allow to act overnight. Note: Can be applied when wearing nail colour. Nevertheless apply Nailactan at least once a week directly onto bare nails for best result. 



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