Mavala smoothing scrub cream for feet - Mavala

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Mavala - Smoothing scrub cream for feet 75ml

Mavala - Creme de gommage pour les pieds



Calluses, dry skin and impurities, are well-known problems of closed toe shoes all day.

The Mavala's Smoothing Scrub Cream For Feet, is a cream that lets you eliminate callosity and soften the skin.

Smoothing Scrub Cream For Feet contains microparticles of 100% natural seaweed which act as a light abrasive, leaving the skin of your feet soft and supple.


How to use






Apply with a circular massage over the entire foot, paying careful attention to the areas where callouses generally appear e.g. heels, ball of foot. Rinse with warm water. Most effective after a foot bath.