Soothing foot bath salts - Mavala

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Mavala - Soothing foot bath salts 350g

Mavala - Sel de bain pour les pieds



With soothing and relaxing action, this salt from  Dead Sea, was treated and enriched with active ingredients in order to acquire soothing properties.

Feet work hard for us every day, support our total body weight and are often enclosed in shoes that are badly adapted.

Walking, standing for a long time, holding a position for a long time e.g. sitting or crossed legs can all make feet become tired, swollen and hot.

Mavala's Soothing Bath Salts is a real booster for tired feet.

How to use






Add a pinch of salts to a basin of warm water and soak feet until they feel relaxed and revived. Ideal after a tiring day or before a pedicure.​