Stem cell serum restructuractive ultra-concentrated intensive restructuring serum - Mesoestetic

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Mesoestetic - Stem cell serum restructuractive 5 ampoules of 3ml

Mesoestetic - Stem cell serum restructuractive



With a restructive intensive action, the Stem Cell Serum RestructurActive is part of a powerful shock treatment against Cellular Aging, reversing the degradation process of the skin.

Cellular anti-aging serum

Ultraconcentrated serum, formulated with 10% of vegetal mother cells.

Contains important concentrations of A and E vitamins, with moisturizers and antioxidants.


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Over time, skin cells will lose the ability to perform its functions properly. From the the age of 30, the natural process of cell renewal slows down.

The synthesis of fixation proteins, collagen and elastin decreases, producing a lower cutaneous cohesion which leads to the appearance of the first wrinkles and sagging.

The skin becomes thinner, loses density, lightness and tone and expression lines and spots appear.

The Stem Cell Line from Mesoestetic intends to slow down the aging process through self-regeneration cell.

To achieve this objective, it appealed to the use of mother cells vegetables.

How to use






Apply on the face, neck and neckline with a smooth circular massage until the complete absorption of the product.

Apply once a week, preferably at evening.


Anti-aging solutions . mesoestetic

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Anti-aging solutions . mesoestetic
The 4 degrees of aging skin may be treated differently through protocols both preventive and corrective.
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The service ate the men service
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