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    Microlife Children contact-thermometer mt-700
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Microlife - Children contact-thermometer mt-700

Microlife - Mt 700 digital thermometer children



So that you can easily convince the little ones when measuring the temperature!

The Children contact-thermometer MT-700 is easy, quick, and fun to use!

A loving little duck that allows you to accurately measure the temperature from your children!

Measurements can be made considering the following temperature ranges:

  • In the mouth (oral): values considered "healthy" between 35.5 and 37.5 °C; -> about 30 seconds!
  • In the anus (rectal): values considered "healthy" between 36.6 to 38.0 °C; -> about 30 seconds!
  • Underarm (axillary): values considered "healthy" between 34.7 to 37.3 °C -> 3 to 5 minutes

How to use






Turn the thermometer on with the ON / OFF button and wait until the "L" and "°C" symbols flash in the display before use.

Wait for the beep to end the measurement.