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Mustela - Moisturizing massage oil 100ml

Mustela - Huile de massage



A relaxing and nourishing tenderness moment to share with your baby!

The Mustela Baby Moisturizing Massage Oil associates an exclusive complex of vegetable oils, minerals and a vitamin complex to massage your baby with all safety.

A sensory experience of pure comfort!

With a naturally dry touch and non-greasy, it has an unique texture and easy to spread for a relaxing and moisturizing massage.

Thanks to the new formula enriched with protector and regenerator Avocado Oil, the Massage Oil helps to strengthen the baby's skin barrier to preserve the wealth of the skin's cell.


Study by 1 dermatologist, 21 pediatricians and 4 midwives caring for 42 babies during 4 weeks (evaluation by the examiners):

❥ The product is rapidly absorbed: 93%

❥ The skin does not stick after application: 90%

❥ The product leaves the baby's skin moisturized and soft: 98%


How to use





It should be sprayed on the palm of the hand to warm the oil for a pleasant temperature during the massage.
You can dress up the baby right away.

Mustela Baby

The skin cosmetics Mustela meet the specific needs of the fragile skin of newborns, babies, children and future moms.
They are drawn up in an pharmacist environment, subject to a rigorous assessment, hypoallergenic and have a high tolerance.