Stelatopia cleansing cream - Mustela

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Mustela - Stelatopia cleansing cream 200ml

Mustela - Stelatopia cleansing cream

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Mustela - Stelatopia cleasing creme 500ml

Mustela - Stelatopia cleasing creme



Cleansing, protective and soothing emulsion, without soap, that preserves the hydrolipidic film.

Soft, comfortable and smoothed skin

Cleanses the skin without damaging or dehydrate thanks to a very mild cleansing base.
The skin is relieved thanks to Active Relipidation® patented process that naturally stimulates the production of lipid constituents of the protective skin barrier, lacking in atopic skin.
The bitting sensations are attenuated thanks to the smoothing properties of Glycine.


How to use





Use daily in the bath, press two to three times to get the desired amount.
Wash the baby without rubbing. Rinse and dry gently, without forgetting the folds.

Stelatopia line

Range based on a unique and patented concept: the active relipidation.
Due to the sunflower's concentrate, the synthesis of cutaneous lipids is relaunched.