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Stelatria purifying recovering cream - Mustela

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    Mustela Stelatria purifying recovering cream 40ml
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Mustela - Stelatria purifying recovering cream 40ml

Mustela - Stelatria purifying recovering cream



Suitable for the care of localized irritation and redness, which can be a source of bacterial proliferation on the mouth's contour, lips, thumb, irritations in the folds (neck, ears ...), small wounds, scratches, chickenpox, insect bites. ..

This care relieves irritation, repairs the skin and balances the skin's flora

Throughout the application, the irritations were attenuated:

  • The skin regains softness and balance.
  • Cell renewal is stimulated and skin repair accelerated by trace elements Complex (Copper-Zinc-Manganese).
  • The skin is purified, thanks to copper, the zinc and BioEcolia®, active patented natural origin participating in maintaining the protective skin flora.
  • The stinging sensations are alleviated, mainly thanks to aliviantes properties of Glycine.
  • The moisturizing formula leaves a long lasting protective film on the skin.

How to use





Apply two to three times per dayon the irritated zones in properly clean and dry skin
To optimize the product's effectiveness, it's recommended the previously cleansing of the affected areas with the Stelatria protective cleansing gel.
This product is not recommended for use in active lesions.


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