Stelaprotect superfatted cleansing gel - Mustela

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Mustela - Stelaprotect superfatted cleansing gel 200ml

Mustela - Stelaprotect gel lavant surgras



For intolerant and reactive skin of newborns, babies and children, reinforces the skin tolerance and soothes the feelings of stinging and discomfort.

A gentle cleansing care for the irritated areas of the face, body and intimate hygiene

Cleans, soothes and purifies the skin, thanks to its very soft cleansing agents of natural origin.
The skin is purified thanks to copper, zinc and BioEcolia®, patented natural origin active ingredient participating in maintaining the protective skin's flora, smoothing and relieving, thanks to its formula enriched with Aloe Vera.


How to use





Use daily on the irritated areas of the face, the body or intimate hygiene.
Pour a small amount on wet hands and wash the baby until foaming.
Rinse with water and dry gently, with particular attention to the bottom, axillary folds, thighs and neck.