Oenobiol captivator 3 in 1 for wieght loss - Oenobiol

Oenobiol - Oenobiol captivator 3 in 1 for wieght loss 60capsules

Oenobiol - oenobiol pérdida de peso captador 3 en 1



The Oenobiol 3 in 1 is a medical device specially designed to assist on the diet of overweight adults (BMI >25) thanks it's patented complex made of 100% natural fibers from carrot, oats and apple.

On average, -50% calories are absorbed!

This supplement can reduce your total calorie intake by 3 mechanisms:

  • Capturingof fats;
  • Capturing sugars;
  • Regulating the appetite.

Once ingested, Oenobiol 3 in 1 is eliminated naturally.

Contains gluten.

How to Use






Take 4 capsules a day:

  • 2 imediatelty before lunch;
  • 2 imediatelty before dinner;

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Reserved for overweight adults (BMI ≥ 25)

Not recommended for diabetics, as it may interfere with blood glucose.

We recommend an interval of at least 4 hours between taking drugs and Oenobiol 3 in 1.