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At SweetCare we have the best selection of skincare and campaigns waiting for you!

In this special month, we have an amazing giveaway with some of SweetCare's favorite products!

Enable yourself to win 1 Beauty kit on purchases >65€!

This kit contains:

  • BeautyBlender Sapphire
  • Shiseido foundation UV spf30 Dark Ivory 30ml
  • Lancôme hypnôse mascara 2ml
  • Cinique Take The Day Off Eyes 30ml
  • Kerastase Mask Resistance Therapiste 75ml
  • Galénic pureté exfoliating mask 15ml
  • Vita Liberata Body Blur 7ml
  • Makeup brush Vichy
  • Shiseido Bag


What does SweetCare have? It has everything like nobody else!


đź””Terms of participation:đź””

  • Each order is worth 1 participation at the giveaway;
  • In the order is automatically added a reference confirming the participation in the giveaway;
  • Offer valid on the selected products, with the word GIVEAWAY;
  • Will be able to win all paid orders placed from May's 27th to June's 3rd, 2019;
  • Winner will be determined by random.org platform on June' 11th, by the introduction of the order's numbers;
  • Results revealed on facebook and the winner will be notified by the email used to place the order;
  • Deadline to claim the prize: 5 working days after the date of publication;
  • The prize claim should be made via email to support@sweetcare.pt;
  • In the absence of prize claim, will be made a new determination of the winner on June 17th of 2019;
  • In the absence of second prize claim the giveaway with be closed;
  • Offers exchanges or returns are not accepted;
  • SweetCare ensures the shipment of the offer to the address at the conclusion of the order, however we do not assume any responsibility for the prize during the shipping.

Any questions about the campaign, please contact us!
We are at your disposal and we can help with your purchase!

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