Phytomillesime color enhancing shampoo - Phyto

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    Phyto Phytomillesime color enhancing shampoo 200ml
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Phyto - Phytomillesime color enhancing shampoo 200ml

Phyto - Le Shampooing sublimateur de Couleur



Wash your hair while preserving your color with the Phytomillesime color enhancing shampoo!

A gentle cleansing care to wash your hair safely!

This product has an anti-fading and protective action, which allows you to prolongue color, increase brightness and achieve softness like never before!

Its sulfate-free formula makes this product especially delicate, and the Edelvaisse extract has antioxidant properties that help preserve hair color.

How to Use






Apply to damp hair, massage and rinse thoroughly.

Use in alternating with the wash cream.