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Pil Food - Pilfood shampoo anti-hair loss 200ml

Pil Food - Pilfood shampoo ph6 strengthens the hair



Pill food (pH 6) Shampoo is an extra gentle treatment shampoo that restores the natural balance of the scalp while preserving the protective layer of the hair.

The success of the treatment is based on a balanced combination of active ingredients, particularly millet extract, which incorporates a well tolerated cleansing base.

Particularly used to thin, spleen and fragile hair

Pil food Shampoo (pH 6) makes your hair soft and silky, regenerating brittle hair giving them new strength and vitality.

It can be used daily, protecting at the same time the scalp and the hair texture.

Return health and strength to your hair ♥


How to use

Pil Food




Apply to wet hair. Massage gently the scalp until foaming.

Let to act for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Repeat the application if necessary.