Keops fresh spray deodorant intense perspiration - Roc

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    Roc Keops fresh spray deodorant 100ml
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Roc - Keops fresh spray deodorant 100ml

Roc - Keops fresh spray deodorant

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To moderate the perspiration - fresh vaporizer with 24 hours deodorant effectiveness!

Immediate freshness sensation, with all safety!


  • Antiperspirant Active: significantly reduces the feeling of humidity and discomfort;
  • Active Deodorant: controls the unpleasant body odour.

With 48 hours tested effectiveness.
The odour is effectively controlled!

Without propellant or fragrance.
Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies!

How to Use





Shake before use and apply 15cm away from the skin.
The use of the deodorant is not limited to the armpits area.
In case of high perspiration, it can be recommended for use on hands and feet.