Extra-soothing protecting cream spf 50 - Roc

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Roc - Pro-protect extra-soothing protecting cream spf50 50ml

Roc - Pro-protect extra-soothing protecting cream spf50



Extra-soothing protecting cream spf 50 - Specifically developed for sensitive or irritated skin

A facial care with a comfortable texture and easy to spread, which can be used even on sensitive skins subject to dermo-cosmetic procedures.

Demonstrated tolerance for sensitive, dry and irritated skins

Containing filters of high performance anti-UVa/UVB SPF50 and enriched Feverfew, a vegetable extract known for its effective soothing and antioxidant properties, this hypoallergenic and fragrance free formula protects sensitive and irritated skin and soothes intensely!


How to use





Apply generously and uniformly by morning and reapply as needed.