Acnises young sescouleur foundation for oily acne-prone skin - Sesderma

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Sesderma - Acnises young oil free makeup spf5 light 30ml

Sesderma - Acnises young maquillaje fluido

Sesderma - Acnises young oil free makeup spf5 dark 30ml

Sesderma - Acnises young maquillaje fluido



Acnises young oil free makeup is a fluid make-up base with therapeutic action, recommended for oily skins prone to acne has been developed with a tailored formulation and free from oils.

Gives a fresh and silky finish

  • Their pigments covered in amino acids, filmógenos agents, vitamin E, vegetable escualeno, antioxidant action and confer SPF5 sun protection.
  • Its high power slider and fondant, allows for easy application.
  • Unifies the appearance of the skin without leaving a thick layer, allowing to obtain an impeccable long duration finish.
  • Maintains the natural degree of hydration in the skin, without unbalancing the threshold of sebum.


Available in two shades: clair/light gold/dark.

How to use





Apply on clean skin, after the usual daily treatment, with a gentle massage until a homogenous distribution of the product.

Suitable for oily, acne-prone skin.


Acnises - Sesderma

Makeup line to respond to oily and acne-prone skin, with various imperfections, wishing a beautiful finish and natural, without unbalancing your skin.