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Sesderma - C-vit revitalizing facial lotion 30ml

Sesderma - C-vit loci├│n facial revitalizante



C-vit revitalizing facial lotion is a fluid, quick absorption lotion, presents a pleasant orange aroma. This contains a derivative of Vitamin C- Ascoryl Glucoside- with a great stability and a more prolonged effect than conventional Vitamin C.

The Orange Extract, gives a gentle exfoliation, facilitating the penetration of the other ingredients

This principle, inhibits melanin synthesis, and reduces melanin already present, by reducing pigmentation. This antioxidant, captures free radicals, preventing skin aging.

Its association to another principle Pal-Kttks, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3, stimulates the fibroblasts to synthesize collagen molecules glucosaminoglicans and.

These fibers, fill in the wrinkles contributing to the elasticity of the skin.


How to use





Apply daily by morning and at night, through a gentle massage of the skin.

For a complete anti-aging treatment, apply "C-Vit Facial Moisturiser" by day, after the application of "C-Vit Facial Lotion Revitalising".

Suitable for all skin types.

C-Vit - Sesderma

On a daily basis, skin is subjected to several attacks (pollution, tobacco, temperature changes) that combined with an unhealthy lifestyle such as poor diet, lack of sleep and stress, is reflected early on in the face, through one dull skin, no light, no vitality and aged.

Sesderma solution is the prevention of skin aging through an antioxidant action, with one of the most effective active ingredients: Vitamin C.

C-Vit returns the brightness and lost vitality over time, providing you with a radiant and healthy with immediate effect.


Vitamin c, radiance, energy and protection

last update: Monday, 08 August 2016

Vitamin c, radiance, energy and protection
All you need to know about Vitamin C to achieve a beautifully and radiant complexion!