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Daeses immediate lifting effect serum in ampoules - Sesderma

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    Sesderma Daeses immediate lifting effect serum 5 ampoules x 2ml
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Sesderma - Daeses immediate lifting effect serum 5 ampoules x 2ml

Sesderma - Daeses serum efecto lifting




Daeses serum ampoules is an intensive and immediate effect lifting treatment , with high concentration of DMAE, wich firms and smoothes the skin. 

With an instant effect:

After the application, the skin will be firmer, more elastic, smoother and moisturised

  • Flash Treatment: produces an immediate lifting effect on the skin. Softens and smoothes wrinkles and the signs of fatigue. Moisturizes in depth and prepares the skin for a perfect and long-lasting makeup.

  • Firming Treatment: is a medium/long term treatment, prevention and treatment of cutaneous flaccidity as result of chronological aging of skin, exposure to the Sun, and weight loss. Its light texture, allows treatment for all skin types.



How to use






Apply once or twice a week, whenever you need a boost of reinforcement to the skin.

You must apply the product in the zones to be treated, gently massaging untill complete absorption.

Suitable for all skin types.

It's not suitable for pregnants or women still breast-feeding.


Daeses – Sesderma

As we age, the levels of acetylcholine, a chemical mediator related to the muscle tone, are diminished.

The DMAE contained in Daeses line, increases the release of acetylcholine, which sends signals from the nerves to the muscles and nerves.

Therefore, since it stimulates the production of acetylcholine, the muscle tone is increased, as well as cutaneous firmness. It has an immediate lifting effect.

Sesderma developed Daeses, viewing to the needs and expectations of mature skins it's the ideal treatment to combat flaccidity, giving hydration and firmness.


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