Shampoo with pomegranate without sulfates - Klorane

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    Klorane Shampoo with pomegranate long-lasting color without sulfates 200ml
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Klorane - Shampoo with pomegranate long-lasting color without sulfates 200ml

Klorane - Shampooing soin à la grenade sans sulfates



Shampoo with pomegranate long-lasting color

INNOVATION - Shampoo without sulfates

Enjoy your favorite color, without fear !!!!

Anti-fade action and color enhancing for very damaged colored hair!

A new cocktail of active ingredients created by KLORANE to protect the color:

Soft: a ultra smooth cleansing base without sulfates
Color protection: Pomegranate Extract color protective (tannins + polyphenol anti-oxidants)
Repair: Vegetable proteins reparative (2x more concentrated)

After 15 days of use, the color becomes:

Fixed: 94% *
Enhanced: 88% *
Protected: 84% *

* Tolerance test conducted among 33 individuals


How to use





Apply to wet hair, massage into foaming, and rinse thoroughly.
There is no need to repeat the application

Pomegranate - Klorane 

Intense and bright coloration, enhances your hair, giving it personality and lightness.

However, with the washes, the pigments separates off the stem capillary keratin, causing discoloration.

In addition, chemical aggression suffered by the hair during colouring accentuates its fragility and makes it drier, with a rough touch.

To protect and reveal all the intensity of color and give the hair the care you need, KLORANE Laboratories selected an active ingredient with exceptional properties: the Pomegranate.