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Discontinued Product.
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Exfoliating Discs, that represent almost perfectly the natural process of cell exfoliation of the skin, acting only on the surface!

Innovative care, in an easy-to-use disk!


Your skin is immediately more silky and smooth!

An exceptionally safe mode to remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin!
Formulated with the Bio-Exfolidermis, ingredient with triple action: softens the horny layer, speeds up the elimination of dead cells and smoothes the skin.

One side consists of a textured in cotton for a more intense exfoliation and the other side consists of a smooth face that is made with natural silk extremely soft!
Dermatologically Tested!

How to Use






Moisten both sides of the disc with water.
Squeeze until the exfoliating ingredients powder dissolve and the serum emerges to the surface.
Subsequently pull the textured side to the skin and massage the face with circular movements, avoiding the eye area and lips.
Then, pass the silky side on the face in such a way as to smooth and soften the skin.


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