Clarifying cleansing foam for all skin types - Shiseido

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Shiseido - Clarifying cleansing foam for all skin types 125ml

Shiseido - Mousse netoyante clarifiante



A rich foam which is able to quickly remove all harmful residues from your skin.

The Clarifying cleansing foam for all skin types counts on white germ oil, rice micro-powders and white clay; thus being able to accelerate and optimize your skin cleansing with for a high efficiency  purifying action!

A more luminous and smooth complexion, free from pollutants and other impurities.

The Kirishima thermal spring water contains minerals that are important for the skin health, which in association with the InternalPowerResist technology allow you to strengthen the skin in the face of external aggressors and signs of age.

The conforting  ImuCalm Compound ™ fragrance leaves your skin totally energized after cleansing thanks to the notes from rose, lotus and green flowers.

How to Use






Apply on the palm of your hand, add small amounts of, warm or cold, water and mix well until it forms a soft foam.

Massage your face and rinse.