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    Shiseido Men total revitalizer 50ml
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Shiseido - Men total revitalizer 50ml

Shiseido - Shiseido men total revitalizer




For those looking for anti-aging care Shiseido offers Total Revitalizer.

A powerful cream for a hydrated and revitalized skin!


This high performance cream, operates in multiple problems and has a great anti-aging power.

It improves the dryness, harshness and flaking.

It defends the skin from wrinkles and has an anti-stress fragrance.

How to Use






Spread on the entire face after cleansing.

Shiseido Men

Shiseido Men line allows an appropriate treatment to all needs and preferences.

The products will act to promote hydration, retexturing and improving the skin's ability to retain hydration and improve the function of the protective barrier.


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