Pore smoothing corrector - Shiseido

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    Shiseido Pore smoothing corrector 13ml
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Shiseido - Pore smoothing corrector 13ml

Shiseido - Pore smoothing corrector



Pore Smoothing Corrector is a pre foundation that conceals enlarged pores and uneven texture.

Increases the durability and freshness of the foundation all day!


It is suitable for all skin types, and should be used by those who have a more oily skin, enlarged pores, uneven texture with enlarged pores.

Controls the brightness and dull look to a bright and healthy skin.

It helps to minimize the visibility of pores during the application of the foundation.

It gives a smooth matte finishing to improve the foundation adherence.

How to Use






Apply after facial treatments together with the Refining Makeup Primer.

Remove a small amount to the fingers and apply in circular motions on uneven areas.

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So that all women can enjoy a look that suits their personality, Shiseido ensures always a modern and current collection with a wide range of colors and application options.


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The power of make up
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