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Shur - Shur healthy breath 12capsules

Shur - Shur healthy breath



Bad breath (halitosis) is caused mainly by the presence of certain bacterias in the mouth ..

SHUR inhibits and prevents the adhesion of harmful bacterias in the oral cavity, leading to their inactivation and helps restore the healthy microflora of the mouth.

In addition to the therapeutic effect in the mouth, SHUR has an action in the stomach, providing a fresh breath. This dual action is achieved through a patented "capsule-in-capsule" technology.

Additionally, it neutralizes the volatile gases that cause bad breath.

The total solution for treating and preventing halitosis!

In addition to these actions in the mouth, it also acts in the case of bad breath due to the stomach caused by food, alcohol, or drinks.

The first capsule dissolves and releases its contents into the mouth.

Once dissolved the first capsule, the lower inner capsule is released and must be swallowed. It dissolves in the stomach, providing long lasting fresh breath from the interior.


How to use





Place the capsule in the mouth and let it dissolve for 30sec.
After this time you should swallow the inner capsule.

Chronic bad breath: 2 cap/day for 14 days
Prevention/Maintenance: 1 cap/day for 7 days
Occasional bad breath: 1 capsule. If necessary you can repeat after 6 hours.