Glycolic 10 peeling night renewal - Skinceuticals

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    Skinceuticals Glycolic 10 peeling night renewal 50ml
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Skinceuticals - Glycolic 10 peeling night renewal 50ml

Skinceuticals - glycolic 10 renew overnight



Not all products containing glycolic acid have the same effectiveness. Therefore Skinceuticals has put all it's knowledge to your service and created the Glycolic 10 peeling night renewal.

Skin becomes incredibly smooth and luminous right after the first few applications.

This cream promotes cell renewal for your skin, revealing a more uniform and healthy complexion!

It's formula counts on the recognized exfoliating action of glycolic acid, which has 10% free acid concentration; and whose pH was optimized in order to guarantee the full effectiveness of this ingredient.

And because glycolic acid concentrated products may also become irritating, Skinceuticals includes 2% phytic acid and a complex of botanical extracts which together are able to support the skin barrier and improve it's tolerance.

How to Use






Clean the skin from the face and neck, then applying a pea-sized amount, and avoiding the eye contour area.

Apply the sunscreen during the day.

If your skin is especially sensitive, use in alternate nights; increasing the frequency of use as soon as possible.