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The correct order of application of beauty products. night



It is very important to apply your beauty products by the correct order, as it promotes its action! But if you have any doubts in choosing the products and how to apply them, read all the tips we have prepared for you!
(see article on the correct order of application of beauty products).


/img/blog/aplicacao-produtos-beleza-ordem-correcta-certa-noite-dia-1209_01.jpg To clean you skin, you should adopt an appropriate texture to your skin and your preference. If you like cleansing milk and have sensitive skin, try 2Dvine Grape oil cleasing milk . With antioxidant action, moisturizing, soothing and decongestant, gives the skin a silky, smooth and bright aspect . If you are doing a treatment with ampoules or creams with Glycolic Acid, the 3 Sesderma Aglicolic classic facial cleansing milk is ideal because it removes facial makeup and cleans thoroughly, closing in the pores, removing impurities (comedones), and its texture soothes, softens and moisturizes the skin without leaving it greasy. If you use makeup and want a quick and efficient cleansing method, try to use an oil. We love the 1 Martiderm Micellar cleansing oil face and eyesbecause it is a super comfortable oil emulsified with water becomes a delicious cleansing milk to gently remove all impurities of the skin without leaving residue.


/img/blog/aplicacao-produtos-beleza-ordem-correcta-certa-noite-dia-1209_02.jpg Even at night, don't neglect to apply a tonic that should be chosen, once again, according to your skin needs.
The 4 Estée Lauder Re-nutriv softening lotion is a toning lotion that pampers the skin in a luxurious way, formulated with Golden Pearly shine, this lotion illuminates the skin immediately. If you enjoy refreshing sensations, experience 3 Lierac Tonique éclat vitamin enriched toner, tones and brightens the skin. For all skin types and especially the oily and combination, 2 Purelogicol Purifying facial toner can, at the same time, restoring the hydrolipidic layer of dry skin and reduce the flow of sebum of oily skin. If you are looking for a simple and uncomplicated option, try the 1 Roc Tonique lotion for all types of skin.



Next, you should apply the produt you use to treat located problems of your skin.

Large pores: the 5 Clarins Serum anti-pores dilatés has an exceptional formula that associates flower acids  to close and purifies pores quickly; blocks the pore deformation, illuminates, smoothes and evens the skin preventing sagging.

Dark Spots: 3 Mesoestetic Melanogel touch specific depigmenting treatment for melanin spots aims to correct the skin blemishes, imperfections and melasma. The active ingredients of this formula acts by inhibiting the enzymatic mechanism that produces melanin.

- 4 Eucerin Even brighter spot corretor reduces melanin production and combat hyperpigmentation, being soft enough for daily use. It also increases the brightness of the skin.

Wrinkles: 2 Sesderma Btses wrinkle inhibitor gel is used for treating located of wrinkles and expression lines caused by movements and continuous contractions of the muscles of the face (forehead, between the eyebrows, chin, eye contour, upper lip and nasolabial folds folds).

Imperfections:1 La Roche Posay Effaclar a.i. anti-acne treatment is local intensive care that cleanses the imperfection in depth to accelerate their resorption and prevent residual marks.


/img/blog/aplicacao-produtos-beleza-ordem-correcta-certa-noite-dia-1209_04.jpg Enrich your routine with a serum and enhance or complement the action of your cream.
Hydration is key for any skin type and of any age. For that,  2 Caudalie Vinosource sos thirst quenching serum hydration for all skin typesis a mandatory product
If you have imperfections and oily skin, 3 Ducray Keracnyl serum adult blemish prone skin is fantastic. In addition to the anti oily action, Keracnyl Serum also operates over the red spots and marks as on the first wrinkles.
For mature skin, 1 Endocare Tensage firming regeneration serum is indicated for flabby skin aging (photo-aging), hyperpigmented and sallow. Repairs the skin of the face and neck in depth significantly improving firmness and brightness of the skin. If what you seek is to bet on prevention, we recommend the 4 Skinceuticals Resveratrol b e antioxidant night serum with pure resveratrol. Once the skin aging is closely linked to the action of free radicals, which are responsible for the oxidative stress, sleep is the key moment for the repair and regeneration of the skin. With grape Water bio, hyaluronic acid and antioxidant Polyphenols, captures and disseminates continuously water in depth, to restore the water balance of the skin recovers softness and freshness.



Never forget the application of an eye cream, as it will treat the periocular area, that is pretty hacked up during the day.

You may start your treatment with the application of a serum and 3 Estée Lauder Advanced night repair eye serum synchronized  is fabulous because it was developed with the Youth complex Light Measurement, and contribute to a significant improvement in the treatment of the signs of aging of the eye contour.
If you suffer from sensitive skin, try 4A Derma Rheacalm soothing eye contour cream,a soothing and decongestant care specifically designed for the delicate area around the eyes.
For mature skin, Skinceuticals Age eye complex mature skin treatment is ideal since it helps prevent glycation process and to correct the severe signs of skin aging.
It also has a triple action: Anti-glycation, Anti dark circles, puffiness.
For "Crow's feet" wrinkles, loss of firmness and uniformity of the eye contour, La Roche Posay Redermic c-eyes attenuates, even the deepest wrinkles with a firming effect.



No routine is complete without the application of a cream and, if your concern are wrinkles, we recommend 4Sesderma Retises 0,5% antiwrinkle regerenative cream forte, an anti-wrinkle intensive treatment cream for mature skin and previously treated with retinol. The pure Retinol is the most active form of vitamin A, one of the assets most effective against wrinkles, essential to increase the amount of collagen and natural regeneration of the cells of the epidermis.

For sensitive skin, the 2 Clarins Gentle Night Cream is super moisturizing, soothes the redness and irritation, and strengthens the skin during the sleep. For skins with wrinkles, lack of firmness, and excessive dryness, 3 Dvine Invencible tawny night cream wrinkles, sagging and dehydration is ultra concentrated in Grape's antioxidants, Resveratrol, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid that acts visibly reducing the signs of skin aging on the face and neck.. For the lack of firmness, try 1 Vichy Liftactiv anti-wrinkle and firming night care wich gives a feeling of extreme comfort to battered skins during the day!


Complete the treatment with the application of a facial oil that can be applied mixed with cream directly to the skin in small movements.

For mixed and oily skins,4 Clarins Lotus face treatment oil combination oily skin, a 100% of plant Pure Extracts.

If you want to opt for a luxurious multi-purpose treatment, theShiseido Future solution lx replenishing treatment oil for face body hair is magnificent. Its combination of natural premium oils will nourish, protect and moisturize the skin.

For mature skin, try the 3 Darphin Essential oil jasmine aromatic care, which deletes the visible signs of age and revitalises, tones and restores the natural splendor of a skin with wrinkles and lack of elasticity.

For a detoxifying action, 1 Caudalie Polyphenol c15 detox night oil helps eliminate toxins as a cutaneous recovery and promotes the regeneration during the night.

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