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Beauty does not take vacations !

Whatever your holiday destination, do not neglect your beauty! And we show you how !


We are in the holidays season, breaks and overseas destinations. But whatever your destination, in addition to a map, you can't forget your beauty items, which must be always around! Because after all, beauty does not take time off !

Get to know our suggestions and best products to all destinations around the globe!

. Beach.

To a destination of Sun, Beach or pool, is absolutely required sun protection . We advise the High protection body oil spf30 Avène since  it gives high protection to all skins, even sensitive and because associates the action with anti-oxidant complex of active ingredients photoprotectors against UVB radiation-UVA. Despite being an oil version, it has a texture not sticky and a satiny skin.

For after sun exposure, the skin still deserve care, to ensure a beautiful long-lasting tan, and moisturized skin. Therefore, we suggest the After sun repair creamy gel Avène. Has a fluid and light texture, and has moisturizing and soothing properties to encourage the restructuring of the barrier of the skin as well as providing a sensation of freshness and comfort after application. And of course, another product that can never miss is the famous Avéne thermal spring water to refresh and moisturize the skin or to eliminate smoothly, salt and chlorine from the skin of the face. We are fans! See our article on sunscreen products for all skin types.

To hair, sometimes negleted but wich also suffers with sea bath, salt and chlorine, sun and frequent washings, you may find all necessary care in Rene Furterer line and you can start the ritual with this Solaire nourishing shower gel after sun, suitable also for him, and can be used both on body and hairr. Used in hair, takes advantage of its nutritional properties but is also used to help skin repair after long periods of sun exposure as a practical 2-in-1, to take with you wherever you go.

To treat the hair, we suggest this Solaire intense nourishing repair mask after sun Rene Furterer, enriched with Palm butter, which repairs and restructures the hair fiber so that keep hair healthy while enjoying the Sun! 

After treating the hair thoroughly, apply this Solaire after sun moisturizing spray wich helps to untangle the hair that is dry and assaulted by  Sun exposure, chlorine, sand and salt. Provides nutrition, repair and protect the hair and scalp and can be used at any time!



At a city destination, we want to be good and beautiful, but without neglecting the "practical" factor. Therefore, we recommend the Uv protective compact foundation spf30 Shiseido because not only protects against UVA/UVB rays, the main responsible for the photo-aging, providing a lightweight feel and fresh, as it contributes to a natural  and matte appearance, ideal to look good on any photo! It resists perspiration and natural production of sebum, so that the skin stays fresh and true to the color, for hours.

And because when we are travelling, and we do need beauty stuff but  do not want to put the weight on, and if it's only for two or three days, why not take advantage of a dry shampoo and bet on hairstyles and braiding or buns? We suggest, therefore, this Nettle extract dry shampoo for oily hair Klorane. Thanks to its power it absorbs excess sebaceous secretions, giving a clean, lightness and volume appearance. Still in the hair section, never forget  Tangle Teezer. Ideal for any hair type and by its size, suitable for carrying in the bag. Make sure your hair is always on line!

There are numerous alternatives in time to cleanse the skin, but on holidays, have something practical by hand is always a help. We suggest these Cyan flower make-up remover wipes for sensitive face and eyes Klorane. Rich in Cyan flower floral water, are extra soft and allow you to remove the makeup perfectly without the need to rinse.

After a flight, the skin suffers a lot so we recommend an attention to the area that suffers the most: the eye contour. So, have a pair of these Cyan flower soothing and relaxing eye contour patches Klorane' are always a relaxing idea! Rich in floral water of cyan and arnica with draining and decongestant action, these patches act effectively to mitigate the signs of fatigue or for freshness and rest after a sun exposure.

Finally, cities imply long walks by foot. And so, it should be if you wnat to enjoy the view. And of course the legs, at the end of the day, will suffer. So nothing better to take with you as this Revitalizing emulsion for tired legs Mavala and elevate your legs during the night. Formulated with Witch Hazel that works as an anti-inflammatory, and ivy extract as decongestant, provides a sense of lightness and freshness. You will feel your legs immediately fresh and light, while the muscle pain and tiredness are instantly relieved.


To a destination, there is the Sun and the cool factor to be taken into account and so don't forget the sunscreen! Our suggestion goes to this Melascreen photoprotection rich cream spf 50+ Ducray because it has an ability to limit and alleviate the hyper pigmentation associated with the Sun, and at the same time has a clarifying action.

Often overlooked, the lips suffer a lot with extreme weather conditions, so we recommend attention!  This Moisturizing lip stick A Derma may become your best friend since protects and repairs the lips beaten by severe climatic changes (wind, cold, heat). Comfort and protection, to always have around and use several times a day.

Enjoy activities at high altitude but don't forget to treat and protect the sensitive skin of the face. For that, try the Cold cream cream for very dry and sensitive skin Avène with white bee wax, which has a high emollient power and ability to form a skin film that protects the skin from external aggressions. By marriage, take care and protect also the body skin. We suggest applying a rich cream and we just love this Rich fat cream for extreme dry and sensitive skin ATL since provides comfort, hydration and smoothness to dry skin, even the most sensitive skins.

And because this trip, don't want to miss anything but also we don't want to take a trailer behind, we are fans of this Caudalie Beauty travel bag with the must-haves of the brand: milk gentle cleanser, Moisturizing Cream, Huile Vinosource Divine and the shower Gel Thé des Vignes.

Oh, of course you can't miss the toothbrush! Even in travel size!

Have a nice holidays!!


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