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And because we want the best for you, take a look at our selection of the best products, for all price ranges!


You can have at your reach a good rangeof  beauty products depending on the availability of your budget! The secret, we know and, of course, we want to give you a hand when it comes the time to buy the best tha the cosmetic market has to offer!

Get to know what the best cosmetics to invest in each price level.



1. Tangle Teezer - Hairbrush compact styler
After testing this miraculous brush, you will not want anything else to take care of your hair! The compact version is even better, because you can take it everywhere! Suitable for all types of hair, even the curly or with extensions, this brush is the revolutionary solution to rebel hair difficult to comb!

2 Youth Lab - Cleansing radiance mask revitalizes skin and minizes pores
Youth Lab has a line of products that are targeted to the main problems of the skin. This cleaning mask and radiance, revitalizes, and balances sebum production in the skin.  In addition, acts by contraction of the large pores and normalization of skin texture and appearance, ensuring the optimal balance of hydration and sebum production. Particularly suitable to regulate sebum production and minimize the appearance of pores of combination to oily skins.

3. Nuxe - Micellar cleansing oil for face and eyes
Remove the makeup has never been easier! If you were already a fan of Nuxe micelle water, we are sure that will delight with this oil cleansing since micelle is the ideal care to quickly remove all makeup from the eyes and face, including the most resistant and waterproof, as well as the accumulated impurities throughout the day, or simply your sunscreen. For the case of oily skin, this cleanser leaves skin with a mild residue that prevents the discomfort that is so common after cleaning of dry skin. This slight residue can be removed with any other cleaning care of this line.

4. Neutrogena - Deep moisturizing body lotion for sensitive skin
Specially formulated for sensitive skin that is more susceptible to daily aggressions, this moisturizing lotion, fragrance-free, formulated to minimize the risk of allergies, has a creamy texture and not greasy. It's rapid absorption giving a sense of immediate comfort.

5. Vichy - Ideal soleil milk sun protection for children spf50
Don't forget the sunscreen! Even because it is possible to find very good products in this price category. To combat the harmful effects of UV rays and enriched with Vichy Thermal Water, this protector, fluid and soft texture, water-resistant, ultra-easy to spread, will delight the children.



1. Lierac - Sunissime facial protection fluid spf30
You can't lose sight of this protective fluid. A cream fondant and entirely invisible, which offers prevention and correction of the signs of photo-aging, especially  in the summer!

2. Sesderma - Repaskin mender serum 30ml
A best-seller in our store that promises a reset to your skin! This serum offers more than protection, offers a photo-active cellular DNA repair, fighting wrinkles, blemishes, sunburns, among other signs of aging, and whose effects may appear 20 to 30 years after the first solar exposures.

3. Lancôme - Monsieur big mascara volume effect
If you are looking for a mask of eyelashes with an incredible volume effect, the search is over! Eyelashes with 12 x more volume, this mask has a long wavy filament brush and a creamy formula, which covers the lashes altogether leaving a thick finish and impressive! In addition, this effect has a duration greater than 12h thanks to high adhesion polymers and waxes.

4. Clarins - Gift set revitalizing gel 50ml
Care of male beauty, this gel prevents ageing marks, returning the tonicity and radiance to the skin. Eliminates the grayish appearance and prevents aging marks, while it moisturizes.

5. Inneov - Duology 2 in 1
To take care of the hair more weakened, when there is also sensitivity of the scalp, dandruff or seborrhoeic Dermatitis, Inneov created the Duology 2in 1 to scalp heartened and weak hair with revitalizing and soothing action. Stronger hair and scalp sensitivity protected!

6. ntelex - Cozy plush shaun the sheep
And because the young are also entitled to your love, sheep nuts to the rescue!  A fun and stylish, very cute, whose specialty is to keep us warm ... 2 minutes in the microwave and it's ... the rottenest company ever!



1. Shiseido - Firming body cream
In the range of premium care, Shiseido could not miss! Excellence in cosmetics, in this highly moisturizing product formulated with a nice fragrance which increases the protective barrier function. Ideal for the winter months, this cream has a rich texture and nutritious specially designed to hydrate and fill, soften and revitalize the skin.

2. Skinceuticals - Serum 10
One of the ex-libris of the brand, this ultra-lightweight fluid and serum of rapid absorption has been formulated with the aim to neutralize the attacks caused by free radicals, and protect the skin from the effects of harmful UVA/UVB rays, this serum prevents the signs of premature aging, and at the same time stimulates the synthesis of collagen, delaying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles all skin and complexion, the uneven relief.

Get anti-aging results:

Fixes, day after day, the signs of aging: expression lines, wrinkles, skin without freshness, irregular complexion.

Neutralizes the damage caused by free radicals, stimulate the synthesis of collagen.

Once absorbed, the product does not lose effectiveness if the skin is washed away, resulting in a permanent protective effect.

3. Martiderm - Black diamond ionto-lift lips contour deep wrinkles
Transepidermal extrusion adhesive which provides an Occlusive effect and also with iontophoresis technology. Say goodbye to "barcode" in just 15 days! This non-invasive technique allows you to effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles, since it allows the transport of a gel containing hyaluronic acid through this outer layer of the skin, unlike most cosmetics that only allows a deposition.

4. Mesoestetic - Radiance dna elixir 6 bottles
Formulated to reactivate the cellular metabolism of the dermis, with a potent antioxidant, helping to reverse aging. Acting on the loss of firmness and consequent formation of wrinkles, significantly improves the condition and texture of the skin. A real regenerating nutritional supplement!

5. Azzaro - Azzaro chrome pure for men eau de toilette
Inspired by the pure, fresh and genuine emotions of the relationship between father and son, the House Azzaro Azzaro Chrome launches Pure for man, a recreation Azzaro Chrome smooth and engaging, it will mark your memory. A watery freshness and oriental, a moment suspended in time between father and son. Its citrus notes, transmit joy and playfulness, while the Oriental and Woody notes refer to nostalgia and intensity of all times passed between those he loves.


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