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Endocare, clinically advanced natural skin regeneration

A line of products to combat skin photoaging and dedicated to facial rejuvenation!


ENDOCARE is a product brand whose mission is to fight skin photoaging. Its know-how comes from the investigations made in the burned skin by irradiation (cancer treatments, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster). It is formulated with SCA Biorepair Tecnology based on secretion Cryptomphalus aspersa, a small land snail.

It is an ideal complement dermocosmetic care techniques for facial rejuvenation: peeling, laser, microdermabrasion, etc., reducing recovery time, minimizing discomfort after treatment and assuring the results obtained with these techniques. The regenerative power of each ENDOCARE products makes them suitable for skins battered by dermocosmetic techniques, with symptoms of photoaging and premature aging signs such as a lack of brightness, wrinkles, sagging and staining.

two lines aimed at regenerating and treating all cutaneous signs of aging




The products that are part of ENDOCARE BASIC LINE are formulated with SCA Biorepair Tecnology, wich makes them have a great moisturizing regenerating and antioxidant ability, The continued use reduces and prevents the signs of age!




01 Anti-aging intensive regeneration ampoules

A flash treatment that fights signs of fatigue, improving luminosity and skin tone. These ampoules are indicated in situations where an intensive regeneration is required (for example, skin photoaging), an anti-wrinkle action and intense firming.
Apply the contents of an ampoule on cleansed skin, neck and décolleté for a week for an intensive treatment. If you want a flash rejuvenating effect before any event that has to be resplendent, apply 1 ampoule before makeup.

02 Day spf30 moisturising regenerating emulsion

This is a day cream for all skin types. It has sun protection, ideal for the prevention and treatment of skin photoaging.
Apply in the morning on the face and neck perfectly clean.

03 Regenerating body lotion

For all types skin types, this lotion accelerates the skin regeneration process, exerting a potent antioxidant activity and reestablishing optimal physiological conditions of the skin.
The formula contains emollients and moisturizing agents, such as urea, which accelerate wound healing and skin repair damaged by dermatological treatments.
Apply on needed areas, morning and night, on clean skin.

04 Eye & lip contour antiaging regeneration treatment

With a powerful decongestant action, this lotion restores firmness, hydration and luminosity to the eye contour and lips. It also has action on dark circles and reduces wrinkles.
Apply morning and evening, with soft touches, to the contour of eyes and lips, on the perfectly clean skin .



05 Gel cream antiaging regeneration treatment

With a non-greasy texture for all skin types, exhibits potent activity regenerative and anti-oxidant.
Apply morning and / or evening on the face and neck perfectly clean.




TENSAGE line is recommended for mature skin. With light, rich and velvety texture, but with a powerful firming effect. Improves firmeness and preserve the elasticity of the skin by reducing the visible signs of aging.




01 Tensage radiance eye contour

A regenerator treatment, with rapid absorption, formulated with 10% SCA, natural activator of skin regeneration, with reparative and antioxidant properties, which operates effectively, reducing the signs of aging and skin photoaging, and Tensderm, an active ingredient with powerful tightening ffect, which improves  firmness and preserves the elasticity of skin, reducing the visible signs of aging.

02 Tensage firming regeneration serum

A serum with a high concentration of active ingredients,  with rapid absorption and for all skin types. It is indicated for mature skin, flabby, aging (photo-aging), hyperpigmented and that lacks luminosity.
Shake before use, 4-5 drops on clean skin of the face and neck, preferably at night.

03 Tensage firming and regeneration cream

This cream helps in the eternal struggle against the loss of firmness and saggy skin. With reparative and antioxidant properties, it operates effectively, reducing the signs of aging and photoaged skin, improves firmness and preserves skin elasticity, reducing the visible signs of aging such as sagging face and contour loss.

04 Tensage regenerating firming ampoules

Ampoules which are indicated for mature and with signs of age, that suffers from hyperpigmentation and lack of luminosity

Combined with state-of peptides, it promotes face brightness, helping to reduce hyperpigmented spots, and uniformes skin tone.
Formulated with 50% SCA, natural activator of skin regeneration with reparative and antioxidant properties, acts effectively reducing the signs of aging and photoaged skin. Makes a correction of age signs, stimulates regeneration, anti-wrinkle action, full hydration and lightener effect.
Shake the ampoule and gently apply to clean skin of the face and neck daily.


know better one of the must-have products of the brand!





Tensage firming regeneration serum

It is a nutri repairer serum , with tightner effect, formulated with:
- 15% of SCA, natural activator of skin regeneration, with reparative and antioxidant properties;
- Tensderm (soy peptides and calcium) an active ingredient with powerful tensor effect;
- Complex lighteners assets, antioxidants and moisturizers, for enhanced anti-aging action;
- Nicotinamide - disguising and helps clarify small patches provide the uniform skin and flawless.
A unique formula that creates a 3D network that will releasing the moisturizing and nourishing active, helping in the rejuvenation of your skin.





Did you know that Endocare was born the investigation of burned skin by irradiation of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine?
The formulation of its products is based on mucus secretion by snail Cryptomphalus aspersa, which showed high regeneration capacity of the skin of those affected by the disaster! The repair power is phenomenal, and for this reason the Endocare product line is highly effective in recovering aged skins.
The regenerative power from each Endocare product is determined by the SCA Repair Index ranging between 2 and 50 and is described in all products.

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