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Flash beauty!

When there is no much time but we still want to be at our best, the right beauty products can make all the difference!


Quick and effective, they give that boost of energy and vitality, instantly to the facem body or hair, to erase signs and fatigue or tiredness.
We select the best allies for the times when you need to be perfect but and you have less than 5 minutes to achieve it!

Discover the best treatments with a flash effect!



1. Caudalie - Glycolic peeling Mask
For those who want an immediate flamboyance and the renewal of the skin, this mask is a sure bet. Glycolic Peeling mask is intended for those who have a dull complexion and looking to get a perfect skin. Luminosity in 10 minutes!

This "beauty flash" does the job of an exfoliant and a peeling to renew the skin, with 85.7% of ingredients of natural origin, the complexion is uniform and fresh, the pores close.

2. Comodynes - Beauty flash spray immediate lifting effect
 A facial spray fo immediate lifting effect, without surgery! Eliminate signs of fatigue and lack of sleep on the skin in seconds! For all types of skin, even sensitive, your skin will regain it's youth in seconds;)

Shock treatment with proteins and plant extracts that provide a skin tensor effect, closing the pores and disseminating the wrinkles. Ideal for devitalized skin, tired, with no energy and needing an immediate lifting effect. Excellent for the preparation of the makeup!

3. Sesderma - C-vit intensive serum flash effect
Ideal for a flash effect!. These light bulbs are a shock treatment for dry and photo-aged or fatigued skin, with lack of vitality and brightness. Are also indicated for skin subjected to aggressive treatments cosmetic or dermatological (chemical peels, micro-dermal abrasions, etc) or, as adjuvant in lighteners treatments.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) exercises a complete anti-aging action: take part in the synthesis and repair of collagen, helping to regenerate the extracellular matrix, reaffirming the skin and making it more smooth, soft and elastic.

4. SVR - Xerial peel ultraesfoliating mask for feet
No time to do a pedicure? Here's your best ally to treat your feet, in the comfort of home!

This ultraexfoliant mask has a high concentration of ingredients and emollients, which promote an intense exfoliation and moisturizing of the skin. However, this is only absorbed by the rough and thickened areas of the foot, which allows you to protect sensitive areas and that may not present calluses.



1. Vichy - Dermablend 3d correction
Ideal for acne-prone skin, this corrects imperfections of the skin prone to oily. This product enables applications with greater coverage or only minor alterations, throughout the day. All the effects of a perfect finish, in multiple layers, obtained with only one product.

2. Filorga-Optim-eyes eye contour patch anti-fatigue
Sleepless nights?  This express care anti-fatigue for dark circles and puffiness is perfect! Surrender to this innovative recovery patch to eyes that revitalizes the look in just 15 minutes!
A triple action treatment for a look rested and younger every day!

3. Remescar - Remescar eye bags and dark circles reductor
This innovative care effective and clinically proven results, reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles since the first application! In just a few minutes, your gaze retrieves years of youth thanks to its exclusive EYESYL technology, with a unique combination of clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex, this exceptional formulation acts to 3 levels:

Immediate tensing effect
Permeability of veins around the eyes, preventing the accumulation of liquids
Prevents muscle contractions that lead to formation of wrinkles

4. Lierac - Hydragenist energizing, moisturizing and oxygenating mist 1
The Hydragenist, moisturizing and energizing mist oxygenating is a unique care that promotes an immediate smoothing effect on the skin, and is able to blur the sleep marks. This slightly gelled water is able to give the skin an immediate smoothing effect.

5. Shiseido - Wrinkle resist24 pure retinol instant treatment eye mask
Express treatment that acts quickly and deeply, softening wrinkles and dryness, to a gleaming skin, suitable for all ages, all types of skin with wrinkles and dryness.



1. Vita Liberata - Rapid tinted tan mousse
You need to get a tun, fast, but don't have time to go to the beach? If you don't want to be the snow white in the party, try this easy product which provides a golden hue that is intensified by your preference. Is easy to apply and your tom adapts to your needs for a perfect result!

2.Klorane - Nettle extract dry shampoo seboregulating spray
Need fresh hair and don't have the time? Dry Shampoo is really your best friend! Extremely practical and thanks to its seborregulating power, it absorbs excess Sebaceous secretions, returning you a clean aspect.

3. Revlon - Equave hydro nutritive detangling conditioner
This conditioner disentangling is suitable for all hair types, especially for dry and damaged. Can apply every day or just when you need a little extra help to untangle the hair. It lets the hair silky, bright and fresh!

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