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Intensive care depigmentation

Cosmelan 2 - What is the best season to do the treatment? Find out everyhting abou Cosmelan 2 and Say goodbye to stains in your skin!


Cosmelan 2:



  • In general, depigmenting treatments are recommended in winter. Because?

The sun is a major enhancing agents coloring melanin spots. Be avoided in the exposure spot in the sun and at the same time we do a depigmentation treatment, we will maximize results.


  • Currently, there are already several treatments are not contraindicated in summer. Cosmelan is the case of 2?

The Cosmelan 2 is not photosensitizing and is not contraindicated in summer.It is often recommended as maintenance (eg, 1 / day, after intensive treatment) during the bathing season, the people who have had treatment but who want to prevent the emergence or intensification of some stain which have a long history. This is possible because in these cases it does not cause severe peeling, removal of the upper layers, protective and essential in defending the skin.

In case a depigmentation intensive treatment with Cosmelan 2, severe scaling is inevitable in this case is totally contraindicated in summer.

The Cosmelan 2 should always be applied all over the face, 3x / day in the first week, 2x / day in the second week, 1x / day from the third week.

The peeling is very intense at the first and second weeks, there was burning, redness and getting very unprotected skin, due to the departure of its outermost layers, which makes the application of sunscreens and avoid sun exposure, which is essential for successful treatment, and for preventing stain formation.

Even people very sensitive to Cosmelan 2, who do not tolerate 3x / day application, which adjust their application to a lower frequency, should have this care.

Because of its action, the application of Cosmelan 2 should be reserved for situations prescribed by the dermatologist who, knowing the skin, able to recommend the most appropriate frequency of application.

One of the consequences of their action is intense dehydration of the skin. For this Mesoestetic to have available various products for use simultaneously to this treatment.

For these reasons, we suggest to begin an intensive treatment after the summer.


Say goodbye to stains in your skin!!!!



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