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Sweetwedding: body spa

Not only for the wedding but for the whole year, the body's skin requires specific care. Get to know our suggestions for a smooth and soft skin!


We continue to suggest the best products and tips for the wedding of Sara, and today we bring a hint of routine to prepare the skin of the body, not only for the wedding but also for summer! However, there are precautions that must be done daily and continuous form, throughout the year, to keep skin healthy and beautiful.


To start, EXFOLIATING the skin is important in a first step to refine the grain of the skin, eliminate some reliefs and imperfections and prepare the skin for treatment. You can do this in several ways, including with a glove and shower gel, but the Exfoliating Porducts are our favorites. If you want a gentle exfoliation, you must apply the product on wet skin, massage in circular motion, 1 to 2 times a week. For a more intense exfoliation, in order to remove any roughness, apply on dry skin, especially on the elbows and knees. Rinse well and dry the skin gently.

Lierac || Sensorielle sensorial exfoliator with 3 white flowers
Is a product that appeals to the senses, and is an invitation to relaxation and well-being. It's luxurious texture results from a wonderful combination of sugar crystals, shards of vanilla and peach, infused with a potpourri of perfumed oils and highly nutritious hazelnut, Almond, grape seed and Argan. Softens the skin and leaves a trail scented and nourished skin. A delight!

Avène ||  Body scrub
For those who prefer gentle exfoliation or have sensitive skin, we recommend Avène, to achieve a smooth and more purified skin in a gentle way. The exfoliating action is completed with the mild peeling effect of sodium Salicylate and the thermal water of Avène ensures a soothing action.

Taaj || Abhyanga scrub with oils and sugar crystals
With its origin in the spa and in the rituals of ayurvedic massages, this ensures a smooth  exfoliant  action to eliminate the dead cells of the stratum corneum of the epidermis and to restore the brightness of the skin and prevent aging.
Is a mechanical exfoliant with sugar and sweet almond  oil, Sesame  oil, and apricot seeds, highly emollients and regenerators. All this wrapped in a wonderful fresh Fragrance of green tea.




When the concern is about cellulite and reliefs in the skin, resulting from the accumulation of fats, treatment should begin some months earlier and ideally be done ins regular and continuous base, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the same. In this chapter, several options that may be used separately or combined, as a shock treatment.

Lierac || Phytophyline stubborn cellulite correction serum
It's a cure, to retrieve a smoother and more toned skin , which is the result of a slimming complex. Performs a double action since the vegetable extracts (horsetail, Ivy bindweed and dandelions) stimulate the connective tissue components and help the restoration of skin elasticity, and ecina and tea extract, tone and protect the capillary network favoring the reduction of cellulite.
Shake and break the vial, pouring the contents in the jar diffusor. Spray the areas indicated, and gently massage until complete penetration of the product. 1 ampule should be applied morning and night, with light massages, in the problematic areas for 6 to 8 weeks.

Lierac || Body slim global slimming
Once the cellulite is involved in global change of the cellular metabolism, compressing the totality of surrounding tissues, causing trouble to the lymphatic circulation, it changes skin fibres and , decreases cell renewal. This change causes progressively a loss of firmness and skin irregularities. This new product from Lierac is a concentrate reducer, which confers, immediately, the destocking of fats.

Nuxe || Body-contouring serum for embedded cellulite
Is a product with a serum texture that melts into the skin immediately and visibly smoothes the skin relief since the first application! To attack cellulite as a shock treatment, apply morning and/or evening with circular movements, in a daily basis, and then as maintenance, 2 to 3 times a week.

The latest innovation in home treatments for cellulite, Cellublue allows you to get at home, the results obtained with the vacuum massage. Effectively, see results in just 21 days. See our article dedicated to Cellublue.




Moisturize the skin is more than a mere aesthetic concern, since, in fact, the hydration is also important for health since, well hydrated, skin protective function is on and it prevents the entry of micro-organisms that can cause infections.

Care begins in the shower so you should avoid staying too long in the shower, to hot water and use a washing product that cleans with care and gentleness.

Accordingly, we recommend the Collistar shower oil, with pure oils, rose extract and Linden. It is a shower oil that does not foam, for a silky and sublime cleansing ritual, based on pure plant extracts that gently cleanses the skin, providing elasticity and toning.

To hydrate the skin, we recommend the Rêve de miel ultra-confortable body cream from Nuxe, not just because of the rich texture but because is quickly absorbed and has an irresistible aroma. Soothes and moisturizes the skin in depth the very dry or sensitive skin, with vegetable and sunflower oils, Sesame and rice bran for a skin nourished and prolonged hydration. Apply all over my body after shower or as often as needed.

Still at the stage of hydration, the feet should not be neglected especially now that we wear sandals and open shoes.  One of our favorites is the Caudalie foot beauty cream, wich is a creamy balm that nourishes intensely your feet, without leaving a greasy film and has a relaxing and fresh texture. To optimize the effectiveness of the cream, apply before bed with a few drops of Divine Oil and put on a pair of socks at night.

Finally, no SPA treatment is complete without a body oil and of course our choice fell on the mythical Divine Oil of Caudalie, with a irresistible aroma and by  rich touch. This dry oil involves the skin with a subtle floral fragrance, punctuated with woody notes, created by Jacques Cavallier and is a versatile product that you can use both in your hair, as in the skin of face and body, alone or mixed in your moisturizer.

Rich in vitamins and with antioxidant power, try to apply this oil at your hair before washing, pour a few drops in your bath water or as your finalizer luxury body routine. Truly divine!

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