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The importance of vitamin c for the skin

Have you noticed that many of the new cosmetic products contain vitamin C? This ingredient has bever so fashionable, and this is no coincidence!


In addition to being an excellent ally to strengthen the immune system, vitamin C is also important for your skin health.

However, and before such great product diversity, it's not always easy to choose the most appropriate ones according to each peson needs. In this sense, SweetCare joined ACTIVA magazine, and today we tell you everything you need to know about vitamin C!


What does vitamin C do to your skin?

This powerful molecule has the name of ascorbic acid and is known especially for it's antioxidant hability, neutralizing the free radicals that cells are exposed to; and ensuring their longevity. But in addition to this important function, vitamin C also intervenes in several metabolic processes:

  • Collagen production, a protein that makes up about 75% of the dermal matrix, and is primarily responsible for the skin firmness;
  • Inhibition of melanin production, the pigment responsible for skin tone, and is the reason for the appearance of dark spots;
  • Modulation of cell signaling and gene expression, promoting skin hydration, cellular divison and activity of these same cells, among other benefits;
  • Protection against sun radiation, especially when it is combined with other antioxidant molecules such as vitamin E or the ferulic acid.

This way, vitamin C will have a very positive impact on the overall appearance of your skin, being a very interesting ingredient for daily use.

Who needs vitamin C?

Although this ingredient can be used by most people, there are certain skin types and concerns for which vitamin C can be especially interesting:

  • Lack of luminosity, which is characterized by a dull complexion, of a grayish background; and gives the face a tired aspect;
  • Tendency for the appearance of dark spots, as prevention or treatment. In the latter case, and if you are already doing a medical treatment, you should check your dermatologist about the feasibility of the introduction of a new product;
  • Daily Protection against radiation and pollution, since these assaults are the main responsibles for the damages that accelerate skin aging;
  • Preventing the signs of age, which can be wrinkles, loss of firmness or irregular pigmentation. This is because vitamin C is relatively well tolerated and has an antioxidant action, but also for its cell stimulating hability;
  • Correction of the signs of age, as this ingredient can promote synthesis of collagen and other dermal matrix components, at the same time that slows down the process of cellular aging.

What products to choose?

Have you seen yourself in any of the previous points? In this case, vitamin C will surely be a good ingredient for you! And so that you can choose the product that suits your most; we leave you with the SweetCare team selection!

Whatever product you choose, it is of the utmost importance that you apply a daily sunscreen with a high protection factor; otherwise it will not be possible to have visible results.

  • Tendency for the appearance of dark spots

And because the stains are easy to remove, it is necessary to choose specific products for this purpose. For this, Isdinceutics launched the Melaclear serum (1) ; that combines a high concentration of pure vitamin C  with phytic acid and antioxidant complex of active ingredients.

  • Daily protection against radiation and pollution

The Skinceuticals C E Ferulic (3) is already a "classic" when it comes to the protection of the skin, combining 15% vitamin C to 1% vitamin E  and 0.5% ferulic acid. The result is an antioxidant protection 8 x higher than that which our skin provides naturally.

  • Prevention and correction of the first signs of age

The Caudalie Vine[activ] serum (2) combines vitamin C to grape extract polyphenols and pruce, providing an antioxidant and repairing action. Additionally, the hyaluronic acid will leave your skin instantly smoother!

  • Correction of the signs of age

Martiderm Black Diamond (4) ampoules came to complement the brands range; offering 15% Vitamin C with 5% exclusive brand proteoglycans; without forgetting a cocktail of vitamins that provide more smoothness and tone to the skin that already shows signs of aging.

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