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Vitamin c, radiance, energy and protection

All you need to know about Vitamin C to achieve a beautifully and radiant complexion!


Daily skin is subjected to various attacks - pollution, smoke, temperature fluctuations, UV exposure -  that combined with an unhealthy lifestyle, such as sleepless nights, poor diet, emotional stress, reflected early on in the face through a dull skin, without light and vitality, and with an aged look.

Sesderma solution, is to prevent skin aging through a powerful antioxidant! And has one of the most effective active ingredients: vitamin C!

But what is the importance of this vitamin?
Vitamin C increases endogenous collagen production, which leads to the reduction of wrinkles and increase skin support, preventing the loss of firmness and elasticity. Exercises a powerful antioxidant action, which protects the skin from the damages caused by free radicals and prevents skin photoaging! Vitamin C also avoids unwanted pigmentation by inhibiting the synthesis of melanin and the reduction of existing melanin.


The result is a radiant, healthy and full of energy look! ☼


For this reasons, SESderma developed C-Vit a skincare line based on Vitamin C suitable for prevent and treat cutaneous photoaging! With regular use of C-Vit line, the skin achieves a younger, bright and full of vitality look, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles, maintain hydration, elasticity, and uniformity of skin tone, thus clarifying the spots and preventing its re-appearance!


And the stability of Vitamin C? How is it guaranteed?
More important than the concentration of vitamin C, is how the vitamin is found in the formula of the product! Vitamin C pure is extremely unstable, oxidizes and loses activity very easily. This has been the great challenge of laboratories in recent years: get active and stable performances of vitamin c. For example, a pure concentrated vitamin C in a cream with 20% concentration, decays very quickly! In other words, the concentration decreases due to amendment of the vitamin to its oxidized form.

SESderma have been very innovative in incorporation of vitamin C in dermocosmetic formulas. In addition to using Vitamin C in a extremely stable formula, it is incorporated into Liposomes, which can reach the DermIS and have an action more effective and enhanced.


Meet the C-Vit products from SESderma and fallcfor this line!




C-Vit Lipossomal Serum 10%



In order to optimize the stability of vitamin C and a fulfillment of the deeper layers of the epidermis and the dermis, the Sesderma microencapsulated a stable form of vitamin C (Ascorbilglicósido) in Liposomes, at a concentration of 10%. C-Vit Lipossomal Serum ia an intensive shock treatment for photoaging, and is recommended for all types of skin, including skin with acne and rosacea!


C-vit moisturizing facial cream with 3% vitamin c


C-vit moisturizing


C-vit facial moisturizing cream for tired, lifeless and dull skin, is ideal for the prevention and treatment of skin photoaging. Contains a new form of stabilized vitamin C-ASCORBYL glucoside to 3%-which possess a greater stability and a more prolonged effect than conventional vitamin C and other derivatives. Day by day the skin will be firmer, moisturized and luminous! The sweet orange extract performs a gentle exfoliation, eliminates dead cells, promotes cell renewal and facilitates the penetration of vitamin c.


C-vit intensive serum with 12% vitamin c

pure ascorbic acid

C-vit intensive

C-vit intensive serum flash effect is a shock treatment for dry, photo-aged or fatigued  skin, with lack of vitality and luminosity. It is also indicated for skin under cosmetic or aggressive dermatological treatments (chemical peels, microdermobrasões, etc) or, as adjuvant in lighteners treatments. Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) exercises a complete anti-aging action: participates in the synthesis and repair of collagen, helping to regenerate the extracellular matrix, reaffirming the skin and making it more smooth, soft and elastic. Ideal for a flash effect! Protects against free radical damage and the harmful effects caused by UV radiation (erythema, redness). Unifies skin tone since it interferes with the process of melanin synthesis.


C-Vit Beauty Ritual 


C-Vit beauty ritual



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