Cell shock 360º anti-wrinkle serum triple collagen complex - Swiss Line

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Swiss Line - Cell shock 360º anti-wrinkle serum triple collagen complex 30ml

Swiss Line - Cell shock 360º anti-wrinkle serum triple collagen complex



360º Anti-wrinkles serum.

Designed for skins with installed lines and wrinkles, prone to skin dryness and roughness.

This fantastic serum gives a visible lifting effect, filling fine lines and wrinkles, through an infusing of intense moisture, and returns skin elasticity.

Tougher and visibly rejuvenated skin!

In its composition has:

  • Triple-Collagen Complex, that offers a triple action for renovation of skin collagen:
    1) Soluble Collagen, enhances the natural production of collagen;
    2) Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, a collagen peptide that strengthens the collagen produced;
    3) Collagen protective factors, extracted from the microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata, protects the produced collagen depletion.
  • Hyaluronic acid, improves skin's strength and density. Its low molecular weight and its small molecular size, eases penetration through the skin barrier, providing a fill lasting effect.
  • Ocean-Matrix Complex, formulated with polysaccharides of botanical origin and red seaweed, Porphyridium cruentum, has an immediate and visible tightening effect. It also provides a remarkable effect of smoothing the skin, reducing roughness, and exerting a protective barrier effect against oxidative stress.
  • Cellactel 2 Complex, cell regeneration complex which stimulates the vital functions and revitalizes skin cell metabolism to "lift" the skin and visibly reduce wrinkles.

The result is a tough skin with a rejuvenated appearance.

How to use

Swiss Line




Apply morning and evening on face and neck, before Cell Shock Total-Lift, or another daily moisturizer.


Collagen and purelogicol

last update: 30 October 2015

Collagen and purelogicol
Did you know that collagen decreases 1,5% each year from the age of 25? It’s important to be disciplined about cleansing the skin to promote health and well being.