Cell shock total-lift light cream for combination to oily skin - Swiss Line

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Swiss Line - Cell shock total-lift light cream for combination to oily skin 50ml

Swiss Line - Cell shock total-lift light cream



Lifting and firmness for combination skin to oily.

Light as a feather, a gel cream with matt effect and long-lasting.

Total-lift light cream - age doesn't matters!

Powerful anti-aging treatment which helps to prevent cumulative damage of premature skin aging, reinforcing the antioxidant defenses of the skin by stimulating cell metabolism and providing a skin visibly more elastic and rejuvenated.

Cellactel Complex 2 in combination with Bioactivated Resveratrol and Trémelle Blanche Extract promote cellular renewal and effectively counteract the self-toxic metabolic processes of the cells.

Rejuvenated, firm and radiant skin.

Due to its gel-cream texture is ideal for combination to oily skins, giving a lasting mattifying effect.

It can be used with all SwissLine serums.

It can also be used in mature skins with hormonal imbalances and consequent tendency to oily skin.

How to use

Swiss Line


Apply in the morning and/or at night on your face and neck.

Cell Shock

A skincare line designed to combat visible signs of skin aging of the most demanding skin. Formulated with scientifically advanced active agents, with factors of biomimetic skin growth that metabolize at a cellular level, and cosmetic ingredients to stimulate the senses, Cell Shock restores the essential functions of the skin, revitalizes cellular metabolism and has a lifting tensor effect on the skin.


Swiss anti-ageing

last update: 16 May 2016

Swiss anti-ageing
SwissLine is a luxury anti-ageing brand, founded in 1989 in Zurich, by the hand of Prince Michaël Massalsky.

last update: 16 May 2016

Oily skin is most common in adult women. Vichy has the perfect solution for you.