Cell shock total-lift overnight cream - Swiss Line

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Swiss Line - Cell shock total-lift overnight cream 50ml

Swiss Line - Cell shock total-lift overnight cream



Wake up and glow...

With a purple cream with a fabulous texture, sleep tight...

Total-Lift Overnight will do the rest !!!

An intensive anti-aging treatment that fights loss of firmness and elasticity associated with the gradual skin aging.

It's quickly absorbed into the skin, working while you sleep.
It stimulates cell renewal and proliferation, reduces the inflammatory processes that leads to the appearance of aging signs, and stimulates collagen production.

Developed with an unique texture, cream-balm-gel has a fabulous ability of penetration.

Formulated with Lavender Extract, gives a perfect rest to the most stressed skins and a peaceful sleep.
The predominant active ingredient is Cellactel Complex 2 which enhances the oxygenation capacity of the skin, enhances the cellular metabolism to an increase in the production of collagen and elastin.

For firmer, smoother and radiant skin.

For all types of mature skin.

Did you know...
That in 2011, Total-Lift Overnight Cream won a price for Best Firming & Lifting Night Moisturizer by Harper's Bazaar Malaysia magazine?

How to use

Swiss Line


Apply only at night on your face and neck.

Cell Shock

A skincare line designed to combat visible signs of skin aging of the most demanding skin. Formulated with scientifically advanced active agents, with factors of biomimetic skin growth that metabolize at a cellular level, and cosmetic ingredients to stimulate the senses, Cell Shock restores the essential functions of the skin, revitalizes cellular metabolism and has a lifting tensor effect on the skin.