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Discontinued Product.
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For normal to dry skin...

A velvety rich cream, for the dehydrated skin.

It involves your skin in deep moisture and an absolute comfort...

...fighting premature aging signs.

Enhances cell renewal and healthy skin metabolism, for a younger and more luminous appearance.

Its benefits?

  • Anti-aging action and anti-oxidant protection, helps to prevent skin aging;
  • Promotes younger skin and moisture by increasing cellular metabolism;
  • A softer and glowing skin... with immediate effect!

The predominant active ingredient is Cellactel Complex 2 which enhances the oxygenation capacity of the skin, enhances the cellular metabolism to an increase in the production of collagen and elastin. For firmer, smoother and radiant skin.

It can be used for all the skin types, in cases of occasional dehydration.

Lifting and Firmness at your disposal !!!

How to use

Swiss Line


Apply in the morning and/or at night on your face and neck.

Cell Shock

A skincare line designed to combat visible signs of skin aging of the most demanding skin. Formulated with scientifically advanced active agents, with factors of biomimetic skin growth that metabolize at a cellular level, and cosmetic ingredients to stimulate the senses, Cell Shock restores the essential functions of the skin, revitalizes cellular metabolism and has a lifting tensor effect on the skin.